Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Been around the world and aye-aye-aye-aye

I haven't really been around the world, but I haven't been here.
I've just finished watching season 2 of My Mad Fat Diary.

I'm still so surprised by how much I like it (love) it and how GOOD
it is.

I remember last year when I first saw the adverts which were on at the same time
as Utopia and thinking, wow this looks pretty shit, what is E4 doing commissioning this
when they've got something as good as Utopia that is about to grace our screens.

So. so. so. wrong. MMFD deals with real issues that not only teenagers face growing
up, but grown adults too.

So many times I have found myself tearing up (full scale crying) at the situations Rae, the protagonist
finds her self in, mentally and physically.

Such a brilliant programme, it's great to see young new faces on TV whose acting skills I feel at the moment are incomparable.

And to whoever created the soundtrack for MMFD, they need an award. the music is so brilliantly placed and fits E V E R Y  S I N G L E   S C E N E  as if each track has been made for the specific scene.

So all week my Spotify playlist has been littered with songs that I grew up with, that remind me of those angsty teenage years that are ever so apparent in MMFD.



Thursday, 26 December 2013

Seeing as it's almost the end of the year....

...I guess I shouldn't talk too much about the time I accidentally went to 3 festivals in a month... Found. Glastonbury. Wireless. Too Much.


It was alright, after Echo I felt depleted of a lot of Serotonin. The weather was impeccably awful and the people were smeared in fake tan. Literally smeared: British weather (downpour) = blotchy.

Amongst all of that there was a whole lot of Watermelon (Good) and even more House. I filled my quota of House music for the whole year in just one day. Not Good.

But the company was sweet, there were a few dimes in a fair few dozen.


Was amazing literally, but everything I just compare to Echo and in terms of overall experience, it just didn't beat it but was pretty close. 
The people were lovely and the weather held up, far less intimidating than Found and obviously because it is Glastonbury, the music was far more varied. 

It reignited my love for Arctic Monkeys seeing as their set was sex and I haven't looked back since.
The food stalls were amazing, so much of my money was spent on eating and nothing else.


Was a funny one, what with it being at the Olympic park, with astroturf put down to imitate grass and surrounding sights being Estate blocks and warehouses, Wireless was definitely the 'Urban festival' for 'Urban Kidz'  which is what it was full of including me.  This wasn't a bad thing, I thought it was kinda cool, taking the original idea of what most people imagine a  festival to be and mixing it up.

The line up was incredibly urban with Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake etc.
All the artists I saw were incredible, JT brought the house down.

Over and out.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hellooooooo, can you hear me?

It's been a long old time.

Summer has been and gone. But I'm not quite ready to say farewell JUST YET.

So join me as I reminisce through a past and a bunch of memories that may or may not include you.
Dunno, It depends on who U R.

Hey, what did I get up to this summer?

well lets see...oOoOoOoOoOoOo

I went to Croatia:

it was a festival called Echo. It was amazing. I was in love for a week, with so many things. so. many. things. A few of the artists who were on the line up:

AndrĂ©s- New for you: WARNING. WARNING!!!!!!!!! you should probably only listen to this in summer because if you listen to it now depression might set in. A way to get around it is to full screen the youtube clip and pretend that you are here: 





Basically, here is the link to ECHO festival and hopefully see you there next year. woooo party:

                                                                             EC :-) HO

Okay, okay I'll stop.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Haven't been on for a while, echo festival is where I'm off to soon, Croatia, dance, ddd x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Reformed cowboy (new mon£y)

Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hit's makes my day, and will make my Summer.

GrEatest Hitz

Everyday I go to work I walk past Tower Bridge, makes it easier to LoveLondon.